Meet The Team Behind Anker Elemental

Ian Looms (Managing Director)

12 years experience in the water treatment industry, he started his career in the refurbishment of cooling towers and industrial water tanks, building his knowledge of industrial coatings, chemicals and water treatment. Branching out to a successful sales career he worked his way up from a sales engineer to Regional Manager in a couple of years. This is where he expanded on his knowledge to include pre-treatment, water quality and improving plant efficiency. During this career he gained vast knowledge of Legionella control in line with the ACoP L8 to a consultancy level.

His Hobbies include Boxing, snowboarding, playing the guitar and playing for top level UK American Football teams for over 20 yrs.

Loves Spreadsheets & McDonalds

Phil Bradley (Sales Manager)

Over 20 Years experience in water treatment/ water hygiene sales, he soon worked his way up to management positions for large facilities management companies. With a wealth of knowledge and experience he brings to his role he can see the potential of shaping the company.

Hobbies include keeping fit with activities such as running, circuit training and yoga. The thing he enjoys the most is playing his guitars, mandolin and ukulele. Being in various bands over the years he’s currently one half of a semi-professional country duo act.

General boffin & cake lover

Tracey Norman (Sales and Marketing coordinator)

After a long career as a Senior Sales Consultant for Groupon Middle East, she returned to the UK wanting to help a local company grow. Someone who loves to talk to businesses, who has a genuine interest in helping all types of business grow, resolve marketing solutions, identify problems and finding solutions for them. Anker Elemental and the role they had vacate fitted the bill. Attracting the right clients through calls and online marketing is a big part of her job role. Other parts of her day can include; looking for good content to share, helping with the website, eating cake and making good coffee.

Hobbies include walking, taking holidays, cooking, gardening, volunteering at a community farm, yoga, listening to music and dancing.

If she is not in the garden planting, you will find her in a garden centre buying plants!

Kaye Wilkinson (Admin)

Involved in all the day to day administration of the company including Customer liaison, project planning & administration, operations, resources, order processing, invoicing, financial forecasting, accreditations and Payroll/HR.
After graduating from University has gained 11 years experience in project co-ordination/administration. With Experience from grant funded projects and business start up support. The last 5 years of which have been in the water treatment/legionella industry co-ordinating and scheduling engineers on a regional and national scale in both urgent and scheduled works.

Hobbies include tending her allotment, cooking/baking and trying to be a modern eco warrior.

Could happily spend her days drinking coffee and adopting animals.


Liam Cuddihy (Water Treatment Engineer)

Recent Chemistry graduate, making a splash in the water industry in his first full time role. Possesses great problem-solving skills and an eagerness to learn. His background in science enables him an in depth understanding of risk assessment, and the importance of accuracy. In addition, Liam worked as a Sales Assistant at Co-op whilst studying, giving him the vital customer service skills needed in a client facing role.

Hobbies include cooking (whilst pretending to be Gordon Ramsay), strength training at the gym and losing at online chess.

Loves to learn and laugh at his own jokes.


Katie DeBrito (Accounts Assistant)

Self Employed Private Maths tutor who has always had a passion for accounting was welcomed onboard Anker Elemental as an accounts assistant. As a busy full-time mum to two boys Katie has developed the patience of a saint. She has an eye for detail and has been known to be a bit of a perfectionist, especially when it comes to her work. Katie was a restaurant manager for over 10 years after graduating from University and alongside her 10 year experience as a teaching assistant, Katie decided to become self-employed a few years ago. Katie is a people’s person with a good sense of humour who loves to communicate aka talk!

Hobbies include going to the gym, running and listening to music.

Love learning new things.