Interview with our Founder & Managing Director

We interviewed Ian Looms, Founder and Managing Director at Anker Elemental Limited, to find out why Anker Elemental exists today…

1️⃣ Knowing what you know now, what would you have of told yourself when you were in your 20s?

I think it would be the quote from Harley Davidson.
‘When writing the story of your life, don’t let anyone else hold the pen.’

To me, the quote is meaningful in several different ways. Fundamentally, it means that you must be in control of your own life. You chart your own course and don’t stop until you reach your destination.

The other key meaning I take from this is, literally, don’t let anyone else write your story. You know as a unique individual who you are and what you contribute to the world. You know that you’re an inherently decent person. You know what’s in your heart so you must always speak up for yourself.

2️⃣ What was your first job?

I had a paper round when I was younger this led me to my first job working for myself, I use to buy free range eggs from a farmer and sell them door to door on my estate.
Although my first full time job after college was in a casino and I trained to be a Croupier, this led to me working in a casino in Cameroon.

3️⃣ What are the pivotal moments in your career?

After working in Cameroon, I came home and got a job on tour with Elkie Brooks, this taught me you could do anything if you set your mind to it. After 3 tours I met my now wife Tracy and decided I needed to settle down and this led to a job for Covac relining water tanks and cooling towers, this is the most pivotal as this is how I started in the water treatment industry.

4️⃣ How was Anker Elemental born?

After growing despondency with the levels of customer service in the industry, and a buy-out of the company I was working for. I felt it was the right time to take my pen back and set up a company that would do things right and really stand by its values putting customers first. This still remains, after 5 years in business, the driving force behind Anker Elemental today.

5️⃣ What are you most excited about for the future of Anker Elemental?

Continuing to grow as person, watching both customers and staff get the best out of me. If the next 5 years of business are going to be as exciting and rewarding as the first then that’s spot on for me, remaining grateful and giving back along the way will provide all the excitement that I will need.