Gambia Borehole 2018

Making A Difference

One of the great things about being in business is the difference we can make to peoples lives, at home and abroad. Hot on the heels of supporting the UK’s cashforkids 2018 appeal, Anker Elemental were heavily involved in funding a bore hole project in The Gambia.

The Gambian Pencil Project

This is a small charity set up to invest in education in The Gambia including, building schools, sponsoring students and supporting the local community. A lack of clean water is a challenge faced by many students, this leads to absence from education through dehydration and sickness. Anker Elemental Ltd provided “substantial sponsorship” to the latest borehole in Dobangkunda, a spokes person for the charity commented “The completed borehole is now providing fresh water to 200 students and approximately 1000 local residents – a truly wonderful and sustainable legacy.”

The Year ahead

Anker Elemental Ltd are in the planning stage for our 2019 charity activity and are excited to be working in collaboration with some fantastic organisations on future projects. More information on this soon.