We Are Now Stocking Hand & Surface Sanitiser

WE ARE NOW STOCKING OXYL-PRO HAND AND SURFACE SANITISER ALCOHOL FREE Oxyl-Pro Family are excited to bring to the market a new product. This unique combination product has passed rigorous tests to demonstrate it is safe and effective for use by humans and in the home/workplace. The result of careful development, it can simply be […]

How to Manage Water Systems during COVID-19

Practical Advice on How to Manage Water Systems during COVID-19 The legal responsibility for legionella control lies with the Dutyholder, but your water management should provided you with expert advice to assist you in compliance.  Each Dutyholder must make their own determination for each circumstance but the following principles should be considered when making decisions […]

Water Management Hacks

We have put together 4 Hacks that we feel are a must to consider. Do you have the legal responsibly to manage your water systems at your plant, Pay the company to who manages your water systems..your title maybe Facilities Manager, Head of Operations,  Director of Estates, Procurement Manager, whatever your title you need to read […]