Dosage & Control

Through our range of electronically controlled dosage and control equipment which ensures accurate and cost effective application of water treatment chemicals, effective water treatment and legionella management programmes are maintained.

anker Elemental partner with world leaders in dosage and control and pre-treatment plant to ensure our water treatment programmes meet all possible eventualities.

Examples of this include:

  • Pre-treatment base exchange water softening
  • Pre-treatment reverse osmosis
  • Steam boiler automatic blowdown equipment
  • Chlorine Dioxide treatment
  • Solid chemical systems
  • Cooling tower dosage and control equipment
  • Dosage pumps
  • Dosage tanks
  • Chemical delivery pipework

Remote alerts and alarms can also be integrated to ensure system control is maintained. Our cooling tower control equipment can also provide data logging. The use of trend monitoring can be beneficial in demonstrating compliance with control parameters and ultimately the written control scheme.

All equipment can be fully installed and commissioned utilising our trained engineering team. Working together with the customers from the design phase right through to completion results in a cost-effective solution that fulfills the customers’ needs and legal requirements.